Community Programs


TigerPlace is a 33-unit pet-encouraging retirement housing facility built by Americare Systems, Inc. in collaboration with the MU Sinclair School of Nursing. Pet-friendly design features include screened porches, outside doors for each apartment, wide windowsills, tile floors in entryways, walk trails, and the TigerPlace Pet Initiative. The veterinary exam room allows resident pets to be treated within TigerPlace, a great convenience for the older adult pet owners. Additionally, an experienced veterinarian makes monthly house calls to each resident animal.

TigerPlace Pet Initiative (TiPPI)

TiPPI is a cross-disciplinary, collaborative program between the MU Sinclair School of Nursing and the MU College of Veterinary Medicine. The underlying principle of TiPPI is the belief in the health benefits of human animal interaction and the human animal bond for older adults and pets. This belief is based on research showing that older adults live longer, healthier and happier lives when they own or regularly interact with pets.

TiPPI aims to:

  • Assist older adults to maintain pet ownership by having a pet care assistant visit each pet owner 3 times per week to help with dog walking, litter box cleaning, and other services.
  • Foster a pet-encouraging environment in TigerPlace, an “aging in place” residential facility. This includes the “PAWsitive Visits” program in which different animals are brought to TigerPlace weekly for residents to learn about and interact with.
  • Facilitate excellent veterinary care of TigerPlace residents’ pets, while simultaneously providing an invaluable learning experience for veterinary students to work with older adult clients. The fully-equipped veterinary exam room enables residents to simply walk their animal down the hall to see a veterinarian. A faculty clinician works with veterinary students to provide care to pet residents of TigerPlace.
  • Promote research into the benefits of human animal interaction and the human animal bond.
  • Provide foster care and adoption services for bereaved pets of TigerPlace when their owners are deceased or can no longer care for them; we support the pet’s care in a foster home with another TigerPlace resident, or if this is not possible, in a foster home in the community until permanent adoption takes place.