Academic Options

The University of Missouri offers a traditional on site HAI course.

PSYCH 2830: Human-Companion Animal Interaction

2830During the fall semester Dr. Johnson teaches an undergraduate Human Animal Interaction (HAI) course. The content of the course includes an exploration of historical and theoretical bases of human-companion animal interaction and clinical applications of HAI. The course attracts about 100 students and they come from over 20 academic disciplines. As part of this course, students are required to do 20 hours of service learning, and about 5 students have the option to select ReCHAI as their host organization for this project.


ReCHAI offers additional learning experiences within our research center.

  • Coming Soon…BIO MED 4250: Human Animal Bond in Veterinary Practice (online course)

Expected to be offered starting Spring Semester 2022, BIO MED 4250 includes content on historical and theoretical basis for the human-animal bond with specific implications for communication with clients in a veterinary medical practice.